Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween HorrorJam: recording, show notes, and playlist

Dearest Ghosts and Ghouls,

Time to unleash your darkness upon the world...while listening to PPR of course! The playlist is below!

The Monster Mash - The Misfits
This is Halloween - Marylin Manson
The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

Fashion Zombies - The Aquabats
Boogie Man - Hellfreaks
Horny in a Hearse - Nekromantix

Werewolf Woman of the SS - Rob Zombie
Feuer Frei - Rammstein
Straight to Video - Mindless Self Indulgence

My Love Forevermore-Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Bride of the Monster - Kitty in a Casket
Hot Topic Woman - The Company Band

The Brainwasher - Daft Punk
Moar Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5
Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
1989 - Mindless Self Indulgence
Skatanic - Reel Big Fish

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Frankenstein - Clutch

Thanks for listening everybody!....I hope you liked it.



Monday, October 24, 2011

New Deadmau5 Track: Professional Griefers

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers from POSSIBLE on Vimeo.

These are some of the most technologically advanced stage visuals that have ever been put together....marvel in their awesomeness!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Milkman: a New Remix and Mashup Artist on the Block

14 MINUTE ORGASM! by `milkman

There is a new remix artist on the scene....Milkman. Like Girl Talk...but you haven't heard it before.

Why don't you take a listen!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Time Fun Show - 10.17.11

Dear Listeners,

Today is my Happy Fun Time Show. I'll be exploring and mixing genres like someone who has been doing so for about a year. I hope you like it.

Jazz Selections - Miles Davis and John Coltrane
The Thrill is Gone - BB King
5446 That's My Number - Toots and the Maytals

Rocket 88 - Bill Haley
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
Red House - Jimi Hendrix

On My Radio - The Selector
This Town - Green River
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns - The Cramps

Lean on Shena - Bouncing Souls
Stray Cat Strut - The Stray Cats
Rocky Road to Dublin - Dropkick Murphys
Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers - Primus (sucks)

Skank by Numbers - Mustard Plug
This Year - The Mountain Goats
My Love for Evermore - HillBilly Moon Explosion

Amerika - Ramstein
Maria - Scooter
Leave you Far Behind - Lunatic Calm

Sick Bubblegum - Rob Zombie
Seek and Destroy - Metalica remixed by BassNectar
First of the Year - Skrillex

Enjoy your week.



P.S. this is a cool music video

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Infrasonic Subwoofer

A brilliant maker on the instructables site made a Infrasonic Subwoofer with well done instructions.

Infrasound is sound that is below your hearing threshold which general drops off at 20-30hz, i.e. lower than big booty bass. It can have a profound effect on your body, and should be experimented with carefully! Infrasound is used by the military as a weapon, or science to monitor earthquakes, whales ect..

This guy is making the speaker to study sound as a weapon. I was just thinking about it's possibilities with Dubstep. Imagine if you could feel Dubstep on the Infrasound level....

Click HERE to see the original article.

Monday, October 10, 2011

House Showcase: audiofeed and shownotes

Dear Listeners,

This show was very experimental for me. It's the first time that I've attempted to use Mixxx to do radio. I've played with it in the past. This is really a trial by fire for me. I'm starting to understand beatmaching and how show creation needs to be more dictated by BPM than I'm used is the playlist.

Crescendolls - Daft Punk
Beadumægen - Wisp
Ants - ediT

Let the Funk Ride - AIM
Sunday Smoking - Martin Dawson
Big - Donald Glaude

Fingerpaint - Digital Witches
Gift - Way Out West
Fast Life - Bad Boy Bill

Love will find you - Paul Anthony and Zxx
Southside - David Clarke
Bat Box - Miss Kittin

Hi Friend - Deadmau5
The Grid - Daft Punk (TCM Remix)
Satisfaction - Deadmau5

Next week will be Industrial...emphasizing EBM...or Electric Body Music....Also...more beatmatching...I'll master it one day.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Filthy Dubstep Radioshow: Live Recording, Shownotes, and Music Videos

Dear Listeners,

As always, I had a great time doing this show for you. I just installed a 6" sub in my home stereo. It made these Dubstep songs so much fun to find and listen to.

Here is the playlist.

"The Unstoppable" - Substep Infrabass
Guided Relaxation - Borgore
Dubstep Tutorial - Dubba Johnny

Breathe - The Prodigy Numbernin6 Remix
Mortal Bass - Broken Note
Yes - Datsik and Bassnectar
Beartrap - Ultrablack (excision remix)

Who Moved my Cheese - Stenchman
Dream On - Chasing Shadows
Warp Zone - 1point5

First of the Year - Skrillex
Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) - Noisia
A Babies first Steps - Bratkilla

Gas Mask - Skare
Optimus Prime - Cookie Monsta
Choke on Coke - Tomba

Where is my mind - Pixies remixed by Bassnectar: Kate
Tron - Joker: Grant
The Legend of Zelda Dubstep Remix: Me
Super Mario Dubstep Remix: Aaron

These are awesome music videos....just sayin'


Jason McCoy