Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smash Your Face with Drum and Bass!

DnB has been around since the new hippies created rave culture in the ninties. Suit up and strap in for a exhilarating drop into bass culture not usually seen by electronica fans!

Amen Brother - The Winstons
Original Nutta - Shy FX
Finders Keepers - Andy C

Kloaking Device - Krust
Pulp Fiction - Alex Reece
Mutant Jazz - T-Power

Slow Jam - Bizzy B
Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size
Achillies Heel - DJ Die

Horizons - LTJ Burkem
Blood Sugar - Pendulum
Smile? - The Crystal Method

Memory Lane - Netsky
Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
Firestarter - The Prodigy

Electron - Nero
X-Ray - Sub Focus
A Girl I know - Sabrepulse

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