Monday, March 26, 2012

Electronic Body Music Showcase

Have you ever seen a movie were a party occurred in Russia? Many 90's movies like xXx (with Vin Diesel and Spy Stuff) had Electronic Body Music (EBM) in their clubs. EBM is the club version of Industrial Music. So, imagine that Rob Zombie and Ramstein had a house beat, that would be EBM

Abgrundtiefer Hass - Autoxie‎
The Devil's In The Details - Aesthetic Perfection
Hypocrisy Is Under Control - Plasmodivm

We Don't Fear The Height - Fatal Aim
Fire - Kombat Unit
Silent Killer - Decoded Feedback

Relax and Ride It - Alter Der Ruine
‎Loyal To My Hate - Wumpscut
Another - Sleetgrout

Correcting God's Design - ESC
Spaceship - Alice in Videoland
No Way Back - Alien Vampires

‎Slave To Machine - Combichrist
Spider - Parov Stelar
Crucificado - Die Braut

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Music Showcase [i.e. CC]

Thanks to the interwebs, music has been free online for a long time. I'm not talking about The Pirate Bay or Napster. I'm talking about Creative Commons. A tool for undiscovered artists to release music to the most people and fill the house at any gig they play.

So, enjoy this weeks exploration into legally free music!

Try to Play - Chewbaska
Ska la per terra - Skalingrad
Shame on you Mr. Bush - Ezzo

CF Underworld - Duck
Little Space Exploration - Unpureless Dub
Cowboy Dub - King Dubby

Souvenir - Antonio Sacco
La Cite De L'Eau Fraiche - DJ Klass
Human Greg - Askeladd

1_UVN - Biocarbon13
Let's Dance to Forget - Maelstrom
Seismograph: It indicates fear - Philos Deploys

One Million Dollar Theme - The Dead Rocks
Terror en la Bahia - Los Cadaver
Love at First Bite - Satans Rejects

Whoops! - Goo Goo Cluster
Steady B. - Trafic de Blues
Babylon - Activ System

Ghosts II - Nine Inch Nails
Shut the Club Down - Girl Talk

Monday, March 12, 2012

Apocalpyse Radio Show!

Zombies, Aliens, Robots, Global Warming, Running out of Gas, or Rapture....take your pick. Our Generation (90's Kids) have been exposed to the end of the world for quite some time. Many movies about it were released all throughout the 90's and early thousands. This show celebrates the music of our many Apocalpyi.

Its The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine) - R.E.M
Fashion Zombies - The Aquabats
Thriller - Michael Jackson

Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
Dread Rock - Oakenfold
Robot Rock - Daft Punk

The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
Feuer Frei - Rammstein
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

Electric Worry - Clutch
Zombie - The Cranberries remixed by Subvert
Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5

Monday, March 5, 2012

Electro Swing Jam Session

Listen to the sweet sexy sounds of Electro Swing. The classiest way to get down on the dance floor!

Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt

With The Lid Off - Lucas
Doop - Doop
Swing Set - Jurassic 5
Princess Crocodile - Fm Einheit and Gry
Get a Move On - Mr. Scruff

Easy to Remember - St. Germain
Faith - Parov Stelar

Sing Sing Sing - G-swing
Make My Day - Waldeck
Jolie Coquine - Carivan Palace

Cyril Noir-Gal From Joe's
Swagger Jax-Minnie the moocher
Douai Charleston

Why Don't You - Gramophonedzie