Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burning Man 2012 Afterglow Part 1

Some festivals are so astonishing and life changing that they develop lore and myths. One such festival is Burning Man. The 26th Burning Man developed art and music around the theme of Fertility 2.0. PPR will go over the art, music, and happenings of Burning Man in this afterglow special!

 The theme of Burning Man 2012 is Fertility 2.0.  Many occupants of Black Rock City have taken this to mean sexuality by putting together things like pleasure domes and workshops on kinky and naughty subjects.  However, many denizins of Black Rock have taken a different meaning.  The fertility of ideas and the ability of the artist to create.  In addition to getting it on, the Fertility theme is about creating a fertile environment for ideas.

 Burner and writer Jay Machaelson wrote an interesting article on the misconceptions of burning man.  His article starts with ""Really?" the guy at the Alamo Rental Car place said, when I'd told him about Burning Man. "I heard it was just a lot of naked people running around on drugs.""

I would venture to guess that you either currently believe or once believed that Burning Man is about naked people and drugs.  Machaelson would disagree with you.

He finds that "The truth, though, is that Burning Man is an ideal place for self-reflection and self-transformation, whether substance-aided or not, and as someone who's just gotten back from his 8th Burn, Lambert's revelation didn't surprise me a bit. Friends of mine have changed their names, their professions, and their entire lives at Burning Man. And not because they were stoned or tripping, but because Black Rock City -- the temporary city (built and erased within a month) where the event goes on every year, the week before Labor Day -- has a tendency to expand horizons, reveal possibilities, and question the assumptions most of us make about how we're supposed to live our lives."

Black Rock City - Davi
Lion Heart - The Human Experience
Overland - Jef Stott

Trinity - DubVirus feat. DJEDI and Lux Moderna
Whistle While You Work - Mr. Jennings
For Those Who Like to Get Down - Marques Wyatt

If I every Lose My Faith - Scumfrog
Robert Palmer Addicted to Love vs Tekknosurferz Natashas Song - SKIBIDIBOW (poTEHtomash)
Woody Guthrie & Stickypod vs Scott Walker - Blazin Fascists (Matt Haze & U9lift Pullup)

 Addict for you - WiLDKATS
Disco Gnome - Thugfucker
Saudade - Shaun Reeves & Guti

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