Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moombahton Exploration

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Great musical ideas are created when chaos and order are brought together in a particular way.  Chaos is the ultimate way to come up with new ideas.  In a chaotic situation, ideas collide constantly with each other.  However, these collisions can break ideas in the same way that they are making them.  Order is needed for ideas to grow.  With the proper balance of chaos and order, new, radical ideas can both form, and grow.

Soundsystem Culture was a time when chaos and order collided in just the right way.  The order was created first.  This order was a business model.  Sound system put huge speakers with cheap food and beer.  This created a sort of block party that people could get into cheaply.  This is the order part of the mix.  The chaos is the DJs.  DJs were constantly driven to find music that people liked.  In the beginning, the DJs played straight R&B.  After a while, they started to Mix ideas together.  A major component of this was something called Dub Plates.  Dub Plates are Records that can be made in a few hours and will last through just a few plays.  With these Dub Plates, Sound System DJs could really start to manipulate music like never before.  Sound System created genres like Ska, Raegge, and Dub

More than 60 years later, the same thing is happening.  The order is venues that aim to play small bands for small audiences.  These small venues create chaos by throwing different bands and groups of people together.  The whole thing is accelerated by the internet.  Moombahtron is a genre in a long serise of fusion genres that might take off.  This particular genre is created by slowing down Dubsteps 110 or 120 beat to a lower 108 bpm that is common with Raegge.

Moombahton is a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton that was created by American DJ and producer Dave Nada[2] (born David Villeagas) in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2010.[3] Musically, moombahton is essentially Dutch house or electro house at the tempo of reggaeton (usually 108-115 beats per minute) with reggaeton influenced drum and percussion elements. Other features include "thick basslines, dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse, and quick drum fills."

Angelito - Don Omar

Take Over Control - Afrojack

Moombahton - Dave Nada
Knife Party ft. Mistajam - Sleaze (Original Mix)
Que Que - Diplo & Dillon Francis

Aliens on Acid - Frandomeda
Move - JWLS
i!! - Nadastrom Feat. Skrillex

La Boomba - Sazon Booya
Birdy Nam Nam- Goin' In ( Skrillex Remix) ( David Heartbreak Loc'd The Fuck Out Bootleg)
Country Club (Crowd Control Remix) - Torro Torro

This is Halloween - Figure
Evilution - Datsik + Infected Mushroom
Language - Porter Robinson

Show Me Love (Morrison Remix) - Robin S
Amplifire by Diplo and Skrillex
Pendejas Transition (Rez & Des DJ Tool)

Bounce - Calvin Harris

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