Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Frisco Bay Area Punk: Live Recording and Show Notes

Dear Listeners,

I just finished my Frisco Bay Area Punk show. It's the first show I've made that was based on a book rather than the Internet. Hopefully the quality of research shows. The book is called Gimme Something Better by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor. I would recommend reading it if you are into punk. Now for the playlist.

Now I want to Sniff some glue - The Ramones
I Gave my Punk Jacket to Rickie - Mary Monday
Maserati - Crime

We are the One - The Avengers
Man From Omicron - The Mutants
I can laugh about it now - Negitive Trend

Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
Oi! To The World - The Vandals
Ha ha ha - Flipper

I'm Not Pretty - The Lewd
Prejudice - Crucifix
Wild in the Streets - The Circle Jerks

6-pack - Black Flag
I wanna burn my parents - Sick Pleasure
If the Kids are United - Sham 69

I don't need society - DRI
Falling Down - The F-ups
Making Room for the Youth - Social Unrest

Fun with acid - Fang
dan with the mellow hair - NAKED LADY WRESTLERS
American Psycho - The Misfits

Free Money - Verbal Abuse
The Dicks hate the police - The Dicks
World Peace - The Cromags

American Psycho - The Misfits
Verbal Abuse - Free Money
The Dicks Hate the Police - The Dicks

Now for some show news.

I am looking into getting a show on KDHX. The physical, community radio station on 88.1 FM. I'm planning on having a Dubstep show called Depth Charges. I'll be working on this for the next 6 months and hopefully you can hear your favorite show on 88.1 FM.



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