Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"We're the F&#king Walmart of Psychobilly" - 9/26 Nekromantix @ The Firebird

Dear Listeners,

On the evening of the 26th of September an enthusiastic bunch of people showed up at the Firebird for a show the likes of which you have (probably) never seen.

Two bands belted lyrics, shredded guitar, and slapped double bass like the world was going to end in 2012.

Those two bands of demons are known as The Howlers and Nekromantix.

The Psychobilly scene was in full force on the night of the 26th. Many guys had their hair shaved into high wedge-shaped pompedorn quiffs and mohawks. The mens style seemed to be more punk that 50's fashion. The females in the scene tended to dress exactly like women in the 50's with a punk or goth twist. They also gave death stares to anyone who broke uniform.

The Howlers were up first. They hail from San Gabriel Valley, CA and their sound was more punk than what is usually considered gothabilly, but it was not mixed very well. However, it was still alot of fun, and the lead singer, Eli Misery (excellent stage name), got a mosh or two from the otherwise sleepy St. Louis crowd. Peter Panic (also an excellent name) really rocked the hell out of his phosphorescent double bass. Click HERE to hear what I thought was their best song.

After the Howlers ended their set the Nekromantix made an impressive entrance under the blast of creepy, ambient Halloween sounds. Kim Nekroman (I love stage names) ,who used to be a damn submarine radio operator for the Danish army, slapped some big ass strings on stage with his custom coffinbass. Francisco Mesa shredded his hollow-bodied electric like a champ and Lux, a mysterious woman in goth attire, rocked on the drums. Lux became a part of the band after she put drum covers out on the Internet. Kim has a great stage presence and made us believe that he might have dumped a dead body out of that coffin before he made it into a double bass. He also said....and I quote "We're the F@#king Walmart of Psychobilly!" after he realized they had been playing for the length of two albums but we only paid $13 to get into the show.....I enjoyed that throughly.

This is one of their new songs....
Nekromantix - What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell by hellcatrecords

It was a great show and I had a great time. There were between 80 to 100 people there and the Firebird makes for a very intimate show. I made a bunch of friends and moshed my share. When the Nekromantix come back into town, I would suggest going. The best part might have been seeing two hearses outside the Firebird after the show.

Interested in Rockabilly or Psychobilly. Listen through this playlist.

Amor Psycho by Voodoo Zombie
Bride of the Monster - Kitty in a Casket
The Garden - The Creepshow

My Love for Evermore - Hillbilly Moon Explosion
The Boogie Man - The Hellfreaks
Ghosts of the Twilight Storm - Shaun Kama And The Kings Of The Wild Frontier

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