Monday, March 26, 2012

Electronic Body Music Showcase

Have you ever seen a movie were a party occurred in Russia? Many 90's movies like xXx (with Vin Diesel and Spy Stuff) had Electronic Body Music (EBM) in their clubs. EBM is the club version of Industrial Music. So, imagine that Rob Zombie and Ramstein had a house beat, that would be EBM

Abgrundtiefer Hass - Autoxie‎
The Devil's In The Details - Aesthetic Perfection
Hypocrisy Is Under Control - Plasmodivm

We Don't Fear The Height - Fatal Aim
Fire - Kombat Unit
Silent Killer - Decoded Feedback

Relax and Ride It - Alter Der Ruine
‎Loyal To My Hate - Wumpscut
Another - Sleetgrout

Correcting God's Design - ESC
Spaceship - Alice in Videoland
No Way Back - Alien Vampires

‎Slave To Machine - Combichrist
Spider - Parov Stelar
Crucificado - Die Braut

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