Monday, September 3, 2012

Gypsy Punk Rendezvous


Welcome back to PPR!

If your summer was anything like mine you didn't stay in one place for very long. Hopefully you explored the wild places of this world and grew in that vast expanse.

Such wonders of the world wild will find great joy from the raw sounds of acoustic guitars, fiddles, the upright bass, and accordion. Let songs from the Gypsy's raw experience soothe your aching soul.

Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt

Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello
Jolly Tinker - Boiled in Lead
More is Less - C-Mon and Kypski

Off With Their Little Heads! - Motherhead Bug
Kings of Vibration - Diegos Umbrella
The Valley Town - Elliot Brood

Three-Cord Circus - Mischief Brew
God Is Busy, May I Help You - Kultur Shock
Take it, Take it - Mad Juana

Hallowed by Thy Name - Guignol and Mischief Brew
Part of the Glory - Balkan Beat Box
Disco Disco Partizani - Shantel

We Nuh Rump - The Rootsman
Dear Molly - The Zydepunks
Train Across Ukraine - Golem
Off The Books - Mischief Brew and Guignol

Honey in the Hair - Blackbird Raum
Three Legged Dog - Firewater
Gypsy Part of Town - J.U.F
Waitin on You - Hoseff

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