Monday, November 19, 2012

Global Bass Exploration

Global Bass is a term that is attempting to classify a recent mashing of genres and cultures.  Global Bass is exactly that, Global.  It's different in every instance and culture.  However, it is always electronic and always using lots of the lower frequencies.  Sometimes Global Bass uses 3Ball (Tribal), Dub, Dancehall, Electro, and Miami.  It's a very rap and dub influenced style of electronic music.  But enough definition, let's get on with the show!


FYI, this show clearly quotes almost completely from this article -

A Tribe Called Red - Indigenous Power
Bucky Done Gun - M.I.A.

Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force
Curi Càhueri - Dj.RogelioHuerta
Ayinla Omowura & his Apala Group + J Kenzo - Fuji Dub - DJ Zhao

Javier Estrada - Histeria (Original Mix)
Treason - Rhythm Star
Body of a Goddess - Rhythm Star

Eye of the Sibyl - DRVG CVLTURE
Aint No Sunshine Master - Elonious
Ku Chi Ta Chi - CoreyCorey Haim

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moombahton Exploration

Moombahton Exploration Audio File: open in an additional tab

Great musical ideas are created when chaos and order are brought together in a particular way.  Chaos is the ultimate way to come up with new ideas.  In a chaotic situation, ideas collide constantly with each other.  However, these collisions can break ideas in the same way that they are making them.  Order is needed for ideas to grow.  With the proper balance of chaos and order, new, radical ideas can both form, and grow.

Soundsystem Culture was a time when chaos and order collided in just the right way.  The order was created first.  This order was a business model.  Sound system put huge speakers with cheap food and beer.  This created a sort of block party that people could get into cheaply.  This is the order part of the mix.  The chaos is the DJs.  DJs were constantly driven to find music that people liked.  In the beginning, the DJs played straight R&B.  After a while, they started to Mix ideas together.  A major component of this was something called Dub Plates.  Dub Plates are Records that can be made in a few hours and will last through just a few plays.  With these Dub Plates, Sound System DJs could really start to manipulate music like never before.  Sound System created genres like Ska, Raegge, and Dub

More than 60 years later, the same thing is happening.  The order is venues that aim to play small bands for small audiences.  These small venues create chaos by throwing different bands and groups of people together.  The whole thing is accelerated by the internet.  Moombahtron is a genre in a long serise of fusion genres that might take off.  This particular genre is created by slowing down Dubsteps 110 or 120 beat to a lower 108 bpm that is common with Raegge.

Moombahton is a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton that was created by American DJ and producer Dave Nada[2] (born David Villeagas) in Washington, D.C., in the fall of 2010.[3] Musically, moombahton is essentially Dutch house or electro house at the tempo of reggaeton (usually 108-115 beats per minute) with reggaeton influenced drum and percussion elements. Other features include "thick basslines, dramatic buildups, a two-step pulse, and quick drum fills."

Angelito - Don Omar

Take Over Control - Afrojack

Moombahton - Dave Nada
Knife Party ft. Mistajam - Sleaze (Original Mix)
Que Que - Diplo & Dillon Francis

Aliens on Acid - Frandomeda
Move - JWLS
i!! - Nadastrom Feat. Skrillex

La Boomba - Sazon Booya
Birdy Nam Nam- Goin' In ( Skrillex Remix) ( David Heartbreak Loc'd The Fuck Out Bootleg)
Country Club (Crowd Control Remix) - Torro Torro

This is Halloween - Figure
Evilution - Datsik + Infected Mushroom
Language - Porter Robinson

Show Me Love (Morrison Remix) - Robin S
Amplifire by Diplo and Skrillex
Pendejas Transition (Rez & Des DJ Tool)

Bounce - Calvin Harris

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sound System Culture

In the ghetto's of 50's Jamaica a little know revolution happened in music: The Sound System. In the ghettos of Kingston, DJs would load up a truck with a generator, turntables, and huge speakers and set up street parties. This radio show will cover sound system culture and it's revolutionary use of music to bring people together!

Funky Kingston - The Toots & The Maytals
Audio Documentary
Bogle Dance - Buju Banton

Ghost Town - The Specials
Three Minute Hero - The Selecter
Guns of Navarone - The Skatalites

My Boy Lollipop - Milli Smalls
Cover Me - Ninja Man
Two Sevens Clash - Culture

Ba Ba Boom - The Jamaicans
Joggin - Freddie McGregor

Malorix - Kabaddi Schwalbe

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smash Your Face with Drum and Bass!

DnB has been around since the new hippies created rave culture in the ninties. Suit up and strap in for a exhilarating drop into bass culture not usually seen by electronica fans!

Amen Brother - The Winstons
Original Nutta - Shy FX
Finders Keepers - Andy C

Kloaking Device - Krust
Pulp Fiction - Alex Reece
Mutant Jazz - T-Power

Slow Jam - Bizzy B
Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size
Achillies Heel - DJ Die

Horizons - LTJ Burkem
Blood Sugar - Pendulum
Smile? - The Crystal Method

Memory Lane - Netsky
Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob
Firestarter - The Prodigy

Electron - Nero
X-Ray - Sub Focus
A Girl I know - Sabrepulse

Monday, October 1, 2012


This show is a crazy mix of great songs from many genres.  Sometimes you have to get away from the journalistic style programming that good radio is made of and go ham!  ENJOY!

Oscar's Reward is the World - DG's Mash
Fight Dirty - Guignol & Mischief Brew
Raw Revolution - Big D & the Kids Table

Pump Up The Volume - MARRS
Interglactic Rock - Daft Punk & Beastie Boys
Scramm - EOTO

Lean On Sheena - The Bouncing Souls
Pepper - The Butthole Surfers
Jesusland - NOFX

People II: The Reckoning - Andrew Jackson Jihad
Three-Cord Circus - Mischief Brew
Your Heart is a Muscle The Size of Your Fist - Ramshackle Glory

Lucas with the Lid Off - Lucas
Swing Set - Jurassic 5
Charleston - Doua

Seek and Destroy by Metalica Remix by Bassnectar
Noisuf-X - Hit me Hard Hit me Fast
White Satin (Zeds Dead Dubstep Remix) - Moody Blues

They Provide The Paint For The Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids - Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution
Bangarang - Skrillex

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EOTO Interview

EOTO will make it back to St. Louis for the second time this year on at 2720 Cherokee on Saturday the 22nd at 8pm.


I had the privilege of interviewing Jason Hann, the percussionist.  You can listen to that interview above.

This show will have EOTO's Lotus sculpture that they preform in.  A video DJ will project images on the sculpture to suit the mood of the performance.  It's going to be the coolest thing you've ever seen.

Smashed Up Mashups!

The Pixies mixed with Justice, The Police mixed with The Beatles, and Kiss mixed with Buddy Guy....that's the kind of craziness this show is about. Mashup artists are about making things that should not fit mix like Eggos and peanut butter.

Gimme the Mermaid - Negativland

Du Hast Sandstrum - DJ Schmolli
Around the Music - (Daft Punk/Madonna)
Ghosts over Baghdad - Deadmau5+Outkast - DJ Elpsis

Further Shit - DJ Schmolli
Disposable War Pigs - Celldweller
Whole Lotta sex machine

The One I Love Is Gone - DJ Robin
Knife Party vs Bingo Players vs Basement Jaxx - Rattle Head Frie
The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - WARP

The Beatles vs Joan Jett vs Cypress Hill vs House of Pain vs RATM - Mash Together - Mashup by FAROFF
Woody Guthrie & Stickypod vs Scott Walker - Blazin Fascists (Matt Haze & U9Lift Pullup).mp3
Easter Egg - We Are Friends

Hot Pink Delorean - Freak Night
Livin The Dream (Im On A Float) - Super Mash Bros
The Hood Internet: Girls Just wanna fix up

C2C - DMC DJ team World Champions 2005 set @C2Cdjs (Album Now Available)

Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)
What It's All About

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Burning Man 2012 Afterglow Part 1

Some festivals are so astonishing and life changing that they develop lore and myths. One such festival is Burning Man. The 26th Burning Man developed art and music around the theme of Fertility 2.0. PPR will go over the art, music, and happenings of Burning Man in this afterglow special!

 The theme of Burning Man 2012 is Fertility 2.0.  Many occupants of Black Rock City have taken this to mean sexuality by putting together things like pleasure domes and workshops on kinky and naughty subjects.  However, many denizins of Black Rock have taken a different meaning.  The fertility of ideas and the ability of the artist to create.  In addition to getting it on, the Fertility theme is about creating a fertile environment for ideas.

 Burner and writer Jay Machaelson wrote an interesting article on the misconceptions of burning man.  His article starts with ""Really?" the guy at the Alamo Rental Car place said, when I'd told him about Burning Man. "I heard it was just a lot of naked people running around on drugs.""

I would venture to guess that you either currently believe or once believed that Burning Man is about naked people and drugs.  Machaelson would disagree with you.

He finds that "The truth, though, is that Burning Man is an ideal place for self-reflection and self-transformation, whether substance-aided or not, and as someone who's just gotten back from his 8th Burn, Lambert's revelation didn't surprise me a bit. Friends of mine have changed their names, their professions, and their entire lives at Burning Man. And not because they were stoned or tripping, but because Black Rock City -- the temporary city (built and erased within a month) where the event goes on every year, the week before Labor Day -- has a tendency to expand horizons, reveal possibilities, and question the assumptions most of us make about how we're supposed to live our lives."

Black Rock City - Davi
Lion Heart - The Human Experience
Overland - Jef Stott

Trinity - DubVirus feat. DJEDI and Lux Moderna
Whistle While You Work - Mr. Jennings
For Those Who Like to Get Down - Marques Wyatt

If I every Lose My Faith - Scumfrog
Robert Palmer Addicted to Love vs Tekknosurferz Natashas Song - SKIBIDIBOW (poTEHtomash)
Woody Guthrie & Stickypod vs Scott Walker - Blazin Fascists (Matt Haze & U9lift Pullup)

 Addict for you - WiLDKATS
Disco Gnome - Thugfucker
Saudade - Shaun Reeves & Guti

Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Party With The Freemasons

From early house to modern dubstep, electronic dance music (EDM) has always found its home among abandoned, vacant, and mysterious places. It's fitting that this year's Booty Halloween EDM festival is held in Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Cathedral. However, the conspiracies a foot have not effected the festival's lineup. Headlining is The Crystal Method whose members have not been active recently, but were a big part of any techno or trance in many video games and movies in the late nineties and early thousands. Figure, a rising star in the EDM scene, promises "twists and turns through an intergalactic electro war armed with robots and missile drop laser synths". The 9th incarnation of Booty Halloween offers 10 EDM acts, 3 stages, and a costume contest for the theme "Lets Get Weird" with a large cash prize. Make sure to suit up and drive to the land of the Freemasons on October 20th.


The Crystal Method
Shawn Harvick v.s Miss J
David Fields v.s Beau LeMaster
Dj Excell
Stan Doublin  
Jon Gotti

VIP Stage

Andy B
Serious Lee
Justin Geiler

Friday, September 7, 2012

Skank and Mosh on the same night?

There seems to be a consistent rip in the time-space continuum at the Firebird where the nineties leak out from time to time. On the third Wednesday of September ska and hardcore will make it out as Less Than Jake and A Wilhelm Scream take the stage. Less Than Jake took a break for a year but have been putting out EPs and rocking concerts like Warped Tour since last year. They are scheduled to release an album in October, so it's likely you will hear some new ska awesomeness from these old ska heavies. A Wilhelm Scream hails from the lighter side of hardcore and has been supporting Comeback Kid while recording a new album. You can expect new material from them too. The Firebird will be hosting skanking and moshing on the night of the 19th at 8pm.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gypsy Punk Rendezvous


Welcome back to PPR!

If your summer was anything like mine you didn't stay in one place for very long. Hopefully you explored the wild places of this world and grew in that vast expanse.

Such wonders of the world wild will find great joy from the raw sounds of acoustic guitars, fiddles, the upright bass, and accordion. Let songs from the Gypsy's raw experience soothe your aching soul.

Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt

Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello
Jolly Tinker - Boiled in Lead
More is Less - C-Mon and Kypski

Off With Their Little Heads! - Motherhead Bug
Kings of Vibration - Diegos Umbrella
The Valley Town - Elliot Brood

Three-Cord Circus - Mischief Brew
God Is Busy, May I Help You - Kultur Shock
Take it, Take it - Mad Juana

Hallowed by Thy Name - Guignol and Mischief Brew
Part of the Glory - Balkan Beat Box
Disco Disco Partizani - Shantel

We Nuh Rump - The Rootsman
Dear Molly - The Zydepunks
Train Across Ukraine - Golem
Off The Books - Mischief Brew and Guignol

Honey in the Hair - Blackbird Raum
Three Legged Dog - Firewater
Gypsy Part of Town - J.U.F
Waitin on You - Hoseff

Monday, April 30, 2012

April Dubstep Report

This week, a show a bit off the cuff.  It's the newest dubstep from the renowned blog DSML (DubstepSaved My Life) and other sources, as well as Creative Commons Dubstep.  Listen in for a great time.

Midnight Request Line - Skream
Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 remixed by Nosia
Ownage - iNexus

King Kong - Bare & Datsik
Let It Go ft. KATFYR by Klaypex
Deviance by Excision & Datsik

King Prawn by Opiuo
Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
Choose Me II by Xilent

Sail - AWOLNATION by Unlimited Gravity
Crush On You - Nero feat. Subfocus by Knife Party
 Thriller by Wick-it the Instigator

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Keys & Arctic Monkey's Review Afterglow

Both Bluesy and British

I'll read it to you above

This Friday the 27th at 8pm, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys will play a sold out show at the Chaifetz Arena. The two bands will be traveling from Austin, Texas to our historically blues friendly town of St. Louis on the day before the show. They are currently in a US tour together that will end in the middle of May. The Black Keys will then hop the pond to start a European tour as the Arctic Monkeys continue in a US based direction. It's strange to note that both bands will travel from packed stadium to packed stadium charging between forty and fifty dollars and call themselves indie rock. It's a sign that the term alternative rock has been replaced by the term indie rock. Once more, the terms are becoming about equally vague.
The Black Keys are currently riding high on their El Camino album which made it to second highest spot on Billboard's top 200 list. El Camino was produced by the Danger Mouse, Grammy producer of the year in 2011. He also produced The Grey Album: a mash-up album that combines The Beatles' White Album with Jay Z's Black Album. The Grey Album gained notoriety when EMI attempted to halt distribution while Jay-Z and Paul McCartney had no problem with the project. The Grey Album was then released to protest the practices of major labels for free on a day dubbed Grey Tuesday. Ironically, The Black Keys are under a label called V2 which is owned by EMI.
The Arctic Monkeys released a purple 7" on Record Store Day last Saturday the 21st. Their newest full album release, Suck It and See, made it to number one on British charts and 14 on Billboard's top 200. The Arctic Monkey's sound has changed a great deal in their last two albums. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and Favourite Worst Nightmare are both witty and edgy with a dancable beat. There most recent, Humbug and Suck It and See, are atmospheric, mellow, deadened when compared the the first two. Early Arctic Monkeys music is characterized by an almost constant use of British slang, their new albums are strikingly without that slang. The Arctic Monkeys have moved from energy packed beginnings and perhaps found a larger audience for their music.
The Black Keys are seven albums into a ten year career. Their early albums are filled with raw blues rock sound and covers of their favorite blues songs. Around the time of their fifth album, Attack & Release, they started to come into a sound that was more their own. Their sound moves freely from blues-y, folksy, and psychedelic tones. Brothers and El Camino show a really solid and unique sound starting to emerge.
If this week's show is anything like other shows this year, the Arctic Monkeys are great openers and will play songs that were well received in the US and then get into there newer catalog. The Black Keys will rock through their catalog emphasizing their more recent hits. There stage effects will be awesome, but I won't ruin them here.
It's an unwritten rule of concerts that you don't listen to the music of a band you're driving to see. However, this concert is at the Chaifetz Arena, so you will probably be walking. Nevertheless, don't listen to these songs on your phone on the way to the concert. Listen to From the Ritz to the Rubble from Arctic Monkeys early stuff and Don't Sit Down Because I've Moved Your Chair from their most recent album. Listen to Busted from The Black Keys first album to experience their early grit and grime. Watch the music video to Lonely Boy from El Camino to get some dancing tips from some old guy.

For the edited version that went to the SLU's U News go here -  At Chaifetz, The Black Keys are ‘Howlin’ for You’

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mountain Goats Concert Review

On the 21st of April, several KSLU members and friends went to the Mountain Goats show for KWUR's Awareness Week on the Washington University campus at the Gargoyle.  This is a short audio review of that concert.

Acid Jazz Show

 Combining Jazz, Funk, Hip hop, and Electronica: Acid Jazz brings new life to a tried and true genre. So, crank up your stereo and drop into a strange technicolor dream world.

Everyone Loves the Sunshine - Roy Ayers
(Fallin´ Like) Dominoes - Donald Byrd
Sookie Sookie - Grant Green

Runaway - Jamiroquai
Totally Together - Galliano
Blanket - Urban Species

Stay This Way - The Brand New Heavies
Can't Get you out of my Head - Incognito
Message in a Dream - Norman Jay

Reality and Fantasy - Gilles Peterson
RETRO-ACIVE - Chris Bangs
People Tree - Mother Earth

Ocean Floor - Groove Collective
The Creator Has a Master Plan - Brooklyn Funk Collective
Life - Mondo Grosso

Monday, April 16, 2012

Skank into Spring Afterglow: Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, and Left Alone


Every little girl and boy born in the 90's knows that ska is dead and has been for almost 12 years. During the second week of April some necromancer must have raised Ska from it's shallow grave to inspire the kids to skank about to the sounding of horns once more. On the 11th, Mustard Plug and Left Alone started their 12 stop Midwestern tour at the Firebird with local openers Snooty and The Ratfinks, The Basement, and All Things Aquatic. This particular ska concert was opened by high school bands. Many high school students are attracted to Ska because it's one of the few genres of popular music that involves marching band instruments like the trombone, trumpet, and saxophone. After the local openers, a band known as Left Alone took the stage. Elvis Cortez, easily identified by his big red mohawk, addressed the Midwest crowd with the proper disdain, being from California himself. Elivs' stage presence was impeccable as was Jimmy Jam's strumming of his "big violin" upright bass and Jimmy James' fingers on his keyboard set to organ. Their medley of old punk, third wave ska, and psychobilly was something I've never heard before. After a grand entrance onto a small stage, Mustard Plug ripped through classic tunes like Skank by Numbers, Mr. Smiley, and Thigh High Nylons. The energy was high and the mood was positive and inclusive. This inclusive scene has been almost unconsciously created by third wave ska bands like Mustard Plug who draw their roots from second wave ska bands like The Selecter. Mustard Plug even participated in a tour called Ska Against Racism in '98. Dave Kirchgessner, lead singer of Mustard Plug, had this to say about Ska Against Racism "The whole 2 tone ska music movement in the UK was really prominent with a...anti-racist stance and at the time in England there was a lot of really acute racism...The whole American third wave ska scene was hugely influenced by the two tone, late 70s English era....from what I gather [Ska Against Racism] was a way of reinforcing...ideas of being anti-racist to the...crowd that was discovering 3rd wave ska at the time." With a last blast of a horn and strum of a guitar, Mustard Plug left the stage.

Ska's corpus appeared again at Webster University's Grant Gymnasium with local opener Samariot and international touring machine Reel Big Fish on the 14th. Reel Big Fish has an international tour scheduled for the summer and fall of this year that will make it to exotic locals like Russia and England. Have no fear Fish fans, they intend to make it to St. Louis in either the Summer or Fall leg of the tour according to Ryland Steen: drummer of the band. Reel Big Fish's last album release was Fame, Fortune and Fornication in 2009. But have no fear, they are not stagnating, they are gearing up for a new album release this summer to promote with their tour. The album will be "a little more aggressive" than their past albums and you will "feel like the ejector seat will pop open any second" yet it will still be "happy, fun ska music" as described by Steen.

After moving through Websters power-tripping Campus Activity staff, I saw the familiar faces of Samariot, who open for almost every big ska band that comes to town. Their habit of throwing Little Debbie cakes into the crowd hasn't wavered even a bit. The hilarity of seeing cake after cake hit fans in the face was almost too much to take. An active crowd danced about reeking of ska's stench of teenage angst and chocolaty cakes. After a brief intermission of a faceless DJ playing Streetlight Manifesto songs, Reel Big Fish took the stage. It's clear to me now what Steen meant by "The band built it's reputation on it's live show." Their stage presence is beyond comprehension as every member rocks with a vicious energy with hardly a note out of place. This is my third Reel Big Fish show yet I know people that have seen them eight times, and come back for more. Sweaty and satisfied, Webster students and the public leave the gymnasium like so many high school students after prom.

Recording of Skank into Spring PPR Show

Interview with Dave Kirchgessner: Lead Singer of Mustard Plug

Interview with Ryland Steen: Drummer of Reel Big Fish

Pictures of the two concerts


Guns of Navarone - The Skatalites
Ghost Town - The Specials
On My Radio - The Selector

Interview with Dave Kirchgessner

Silverlake - All Things Aquatic
Sad Story - Left Alone
Mr. Smiley - Mustard Plug

Raw Revolution - Big D and the Kids Table
All My Best Friends are Metal Heads - Less Than Jake
Talk of Revolution - Car Full of Midgets

They Provide The Paint For The Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids - Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
Come on Eileen - Save Ferris
Night Train to Moscow - The Toasters

Russian Roulette - Do It With Malace
24 Hour Roadside Resistance - Against All Authority
Guilty Pleasures - Catch 22

Monday, April 2, 2012

St. Louis Blues (music) Showcase

"A guy will promise you the world and give you nothin', and that's the blues" - Otis Rush

Well, then we will listen to the sweet songs of injustice and hardship coming from the city of St. Louis. Listen up and get your culture on fools

St. Louis Blues - W.C. Handy
Ragtime Piano - Scott Joplin
Frankie and Johnny - Frank Crumit

Smokestack Lighting by Howlin Wolf
Big George Brock - Cat Head Mini Festival
Henry Brown Blues - Henry Brown

Walk on Boy - Jim Byrnes
Bone me like you own me - Barbara Carr
Pinetop Buggie - James Crutchfield

Rudy Silvercloud Coleman - BLuesweek 2011
Stony Poney Blues - James Deshay
Back Scratcher - Frank Frost

Real Good Woman - Johnnie Johnson
These Tears - Mary Johnson
To Late to Cry - Lonnie Johnson

Monday, March 26, 2012

Electronic Body Music Showcase

Have you ever seen a movie were a party occurred in Russia? Many 90's movies like xXx (with Vin Diesel and Spy Stuff) had Electronic Body Music (EBM) in their clubs. EBM is the club version of Industrial Music. So, imagine that Rob Zombie and Ramstein had a house beat, that would be EBM

Abgrundtiefer Hass - Autoxie‎
The Devil's In The Details - Aesthetic Perfection
Hypocrisy Is Under Control - Plasmodivm

We Don't Fear The Height - Fatal Aim
Fire - Kombat Unit
Silent Killer - Decoded Feedback

Relax and Ride It - Alter Der Ruine
‎Loyal To My Hate - Wumpscut
Another - Sleetgrout

Correcting God's Design - ESC
Spaceship - Alice in Videoland
No Way Back - Alien Vampires

‎Slave To Machine - Combichrist
Spider - Parov Stelar
Crucificado - Die Braut

Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Music Showcase [i.e. CC]

Thanks to the interwebs, music has been free online for a long time. I'm not talking about The Pirate Bay or Napster. I'm talking about Creative Commons. A tool for undiscovered artists to release music to the most people and fill the house at any gig they play.

So, enjoy this weeks exploration into legally free music!

Try to Play - Chewbaska
Ska la per terra - Skalingrad
Shame on you Mr. Bush - Ezzo

CF Underworld - Duck
Little Space Exploration - Unpureless Dub
Cowboy Dub - King Dubby

Souvenir - Antonio Sacco
La Cite De L'Eau Fraiche - DJ Klass
Human Greg - Askeladd

1_UVN - Biocarbon13
Let's Dance to Forget - Maelstrom
Seismograph: It indicates fear - Philos Deploys

One Million Dollar Theme - The Dead Rocks
Terror en la Bahia - Los Cadaver
Love at First Bite - Satans Rejects

Whoops! - Goo Goo Cluster
Steady B. - Trafic de Blues
Babylon - Activ System

Ghosts II - Nine Inch Nails
Shut the Club Down - Girl Talk

Monday, March 12, 2012

Apocalpyse Radio Show!

Zombies, Aliens, Robots, Global Warming, Running out of Gas, or Rapture....take your pick. Our Generation (90's Kids) have been exposed to the end of the world for quite some time. Many movies about it were released all throughout the 90's and early thousands. This show celebrates the music of our many Apocalpyi.

Its The End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine) - R.E.M
Fashion Zombies - The Aquabats
Thriller - Michael Jackson

Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation
Dread Rock - Oakenfold
Robot Rock - Daft Punk

The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
Feuer Frei - Rammstein
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

Electric Worry - Clutch
Zombie - The Cranberries remixed by Subvert
Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5

Monday, March 5, 2012

Electro Swing Jam Session

Listen to the sweet sexy sounds of Electro Swing. The classiest way to get down on the dance floor!

Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt

With The Lid Off - Lucas
Doop - Doop
Swing Set - Jurassic 5
Princess Crocodile - Fm Einheit and Gry
Get a Move On - Mr. Scruff

Easy to Remember - St. Germain
Faith - Parov Stelar

Sing Sing Sing - G-swing
Make My Day - Waldeck
Jolie Coquine - Carivan Palace

Cyril Noir-Gal From Joe's
Swagger Jax-Minnie the moocher
Douai Charleston

Why Don't You - Gramophonedzie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Toasters: concert review, interview, and radioshow

Enjoy this coverage of The Toasters which includes a concert review, an interview, and a radioshow about the Toasters concert at the Firebird.


Saxophones bellowed, trombones blared and guitars wailed Tuesday night at The Toasters concert.

The Toasters, a Ska band, are a St. Louis staple who attempt to show up in our fair town once a year. If you are unaware, Ska traces its origins to Jamaica, where it evolved from Reggae and Dub. It made its way across the pond to England and became a world-wide phenomenon in the ‘90s. (Bands like Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris might be more familiar.) Ska is characterized by a walking bass line, upbeat guitars and brass instruments.

Tuesday was not the best of days to have a concert. Several inches of snow and just four hours before Valentine’s Day were two strikes. But The Toasters did not disappoint.

Some local talent opened the show that frosty evening. A band in its early stages called Captain Dee and the Long Johns started off on the right foot, with a bit of Ska on the more punk side of things. They were followed by All Things Aquatic, who must have been members of a high school jazz band that stayed together to rock around St. Louis. Their six piece ensemble contained a trombone, a saxophone and a trumpet, to give the brassy feel Ska fans search for. They played an enjoyable cover of a Streetlight Manifesto song as well as a song of their own creation called “Silverlake.”

Needless to say, the masses were skanking the night away.

Skank is the dance counterpart of Ska. A song by the Ska band Mustard Plug called “Skank By Numbers” explains it best: “One, get off your seat. Two, stomp your boots to the beat. Three, throw your knees in the air, like you don’t care!” For those acquainted with dances of the ‘80s, it’s almost exactly like the running man, and a bit similar to the Melbourne Shuffle.

The last bit of St. Louis talent to take the stage was Samuriot, a local five-piece band that was missing a keyboardist. They had some extremely comedic lyrics, and the best trumpet player of the night. They had an excellent song about the Pillsbury Dough Boy getting over drug addiction, and they threw Valentine’s Day-themed Little Debbie snack cakes at the audience after every song.

The Toasters took the stage after an audio intro filled with clips from strange T.V. commercials— and not a soul stood still. The small crowd skanked for almost the whole set. The familiar camaraderie of a great Ska show in a small venue enveloped the scene. Buck, the lead singer and guitarist, struck up a great stage presence, while generally making fun of St. Louis and everyone in at the show.

After playing Toasters classics, such as “2-Tone Army” and “I’m Running Right Through The World,” Buck delivered a speech about his distaste for politicians, which ended with “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.”

Below is my interview with Buck from The Toasters

Below is the radioshow crafted for this concert (show playlist at the bottom of the page)

And some pictures


What a Gwan - The Toasters

Interview with Buck

S.U.D.S - Captain Dee and the Long Johns
Silverlake - All Things Aquatic
Ten Years - Samuriot
One More Bullet - The Toasters

Foolish Pride - The Dropsteppers
Skank By Numbers - Mustard Plug
Talk of Revolution - Car Full of Midgets

Russian Roulette - Do it with Malace
Gas Money Millionairs - Survay Says
Physical Distraction - Reaching Scarlet

Monday, February 20, 2012

Brazilian Music Showcase

So, Brazil has an awesome music scene. On PPR we've listened to rockabilly, ska, and punk from Brazil. When I interviewed Buck from the Toasters he said they had a great reggae scene. So, this week we are going to listen to some great music from Brazil. ENJOY!

Amor Psycho - Voodoo Zombie
Beer and Flesh Meat - Sick Sick Sinners
Pussy Cat - Banane Metalik

Sem Palavras - Móveis Coloniais de Acaju
Pobre Plebeu - Skamoondongos
O Guarani - Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana

Jah sabe Jah vê - Mato seco
Presente de um Beija Flor - Natiruts
A estrada - Cidade Negra

All Around Us - Cavalaska
"Bingo Bango" - Bruno Belluomini ft MC Soom T

Barumba - Dom Salvador
Mr. Funk Samba - Banda Black Rio
Chica chica boom chic - Bebel Gilberto e Carlinhos

Psychopath Fever - catalepticos
Dançar com você - La Bamba
Sapo Rastaman - Sapo Banjo