Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Party With The Freemasons

From early house to modern dubstep, electronic dance music (EDM) has always found its home among abandoned, vacant, and mysterious places. It's fitting that this year's Booty Halloween EDM festival is held in Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Cathedral. However, the conspiracies a foot have not effected the festival's lineup. Headlining is The Crystal Method whose members have not been active recently, but were a big part of any techno or trance in many video games and movies in the late nineties and early thousands. Figure, a rising star in the EDM scene, promises "twists and turns through an intergalactic electro war armed with robots and missile drop laser synths". The 9th incarnation of Booty Halloween offers 10 EDM acts, 3 stages, and a costume contest for the theme "Lets Get Weird" with a large cash prize. Make sure to suit up and drive to the land of the Freemasons on October 20th.


The Crystal Method
Shawn Harvick v.s Miss J
David Fields v.s Beau LeMaster
Dj Excell
Stan Doublin  
Jon Gotti

VIP Stage

Andy B
Serious Lee
Justin Geiler

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