Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DubMetal: a new mash

Dear Listeners,

If you have been actively listening to Dubstep, you have noticed that Dubstep artists/producers typically mash up other Dubstep songs or popular dance and pop songs. I think that this is starting to change. Recently, I have found several tracks that mash Dubstep with Metal. Below are four tracks that are DubMetal

Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum (Skrillex Remix)

Lamb of God - Laid to Rest (Andy's iLL Remix)

Metallica - Search and Destroy (BassNectar Remix)

I know alot of this is just to get attention to Dubstep Artists (Skrillex is really trying to make it to mainstream), but this is an interesting branch for Dubstep and I might do a show on it one day.



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