Sunday, November 6, 2011

WWIII Tour - 11/6/11 - Family Arena

I've noticed that some very strange combinations of bands have been touring together as of late. The last was Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, although they are both admittedly Shock Rock, their crowds are different. The stoned dad who still listens to Cooper does not listen to Zombie and the angsty soul that listens to Zombie doesn't much like Cooper. It does sound good on paper.

Just like the WWIII tour sounds good on paper. Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, Borgore, We Came as Romans, DRUGS, and Strych 9 Hollow. "Look at all of the teens this will draw in" says the crazy pencil pusher.

First up was Strych 9 Hollow. I've seen them twice now, they are a local Metal act, one of the few St.L local acts left. They are good, their guitarist rocks and they generally have a great time. They might have not had as much fun this time because the sound guys didn't agree to give them any kind of sound check. The PAs made them sound like crap and it was clear that they were thrown in at the last minute. However, I like their stage presence and I and several other metal heads had a good time listening.

Next up: D.R.U.G.S That stands for Destroy. Rebuild. Until. God. Shows. They were an awesome opener. They really pushed the crowd participation and got everyone into a frenzy. Moshing started and no one came to stop it. We were home free. Craig Owens, the lead vocalist, created a platform of fan's hands to sing from for a song.

We Came As Romans. The hardcore dancing really picked up. Hardcore fans through kicks and punches, girls screamed, they kept going. As a metal head myself, my natural enemy is the hardcore kid. However, we seemed to understand each other: you punch me, I'll bury you. So we stayed out of each others way. I didn't exactly know the lyrics so it was hard to understand the lyrics, but the breakdowns....oh...the breakdowns were heavy.

Borgore. Before this I had never seen a dubstep artist play live. I am an avid dubstep fan and I've done three shows on the subject. Borgore came in strong. His signature pole dancers to the right and left and bass bombing from the subs. The mix was good and I hadn't heard it before, then, not even five minutes in, covers started. I enjoyed the remixes: Skrillex, System of a Down....then he jumped off stage...and left. Borgore was on for all of 15 minutes. He was obviously hungover and pulling a leaf from Kings of Leon's book
Asking Alexandria. The moment we all were waiting for. The crowd went nuts, I went nuts. There were two separate pits. One for moshing and one for hardcore dancing. I stayed in my metal head area until someone had the idea to bash through the slim wall separating the pits. Then chaos exploded. Asking Alexandria called for a wall of death, we obliged. Then, the second Kings of Leon. The lead singer,Danny Worsnop, said his voice was out. He was hungover too and Asking Alexandria ended early.

I didn't stay for Hollywood Undead to prove that they could show up on stage hungover too.

This review might sound bitter, and it is a little bit. However, I had fun. The crowd was generally great and I moshed with a lot of great people.

If your interested in Dubstep, I've got three shows for you to listen to.

Filthy Dubstep Show
Dubstep: Now and Next
Dubstep Evergreen Show

Also...below are some songs from the artists at the concert

STRYCH9HOLLOW - Bleed To Live by strych9hollow
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows My Swagger Has A First Name by chriswylieee
We Came As Romans by equalvision
Borgore - Icecream (Dane O Rerub) DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AGAIN by Dane O
Asking Alexandria by Jowkoloco

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