Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Warpdrive 7: Radioshow, Shownotes, Pics, and WBC Protest Report

On Feb 4th of this month I went to Winter Warpdrive 7 to write a review for the U News. I couldn't let it remain without audio, so I based my show around the review. Enjoy! (Click for the review!)

Mr. Brightside - Killers remix Marco V

Cherry Ticker - Luke Hansen
Let the Music - Andy B
Marley-Hammer - VibesquaD

Creepin - EOTO
All that Makes us Human Continues - BT
Stimulated - Marco V

Cuckoo - Tipper
Blue Monday - New Order
Don't You Want Me - Thomas Gold

Camel Bend - EOTO

If you didn't know. The Westboro Baptist Church sent it's evil agents to disturb the students of Clayton High School today, I have been told the WBC arrived at Clayton High School to protest the schools decision to declare that no one should be discriminated upon over sexual orientation. The students of SLU didn't let that pass without a fight.

Julie, co-host of Doc Wilson's flux capacitor from 6-7 on Thursdays and a Student teacher at Clayton High School had this to say about the WBC protest "I was really impressed by the Clayton High school students, there was such a positive attitude. We weren't sure how the studens were going to act, but the high school was really up for the task. The signs were respectful and funny. There was a kid in a Chewbacca costume with a sign that said "WOOKIES LOVE EVERYONE" also a sign that said "Mine is a Shakesperian romance, all parts are played by men." Everything went really smooth. 1/3 of the students wore love conquers hate t-shirts"

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