Saturday, February 11, 2012

24 Hour Broadcast Aftermath

The KSLU community really came through today (2.11.12) to put together a really fun day of radio goodness. Sam took the 8am early bird shift before regular programing handled it until 7pm. Then the party really started with some munchables. A sizable group of food getters arrived and rocked out to a 90's trivia showcase won by our own Wilson, Bryan came in second place. During this Trivia event Sam put the mobile DJ equipment together and played the macarena on loop for about an hour while everyone danced with awesome laser lights. Jason, Matt, Simon, Charles, and Kate played various instruments in the recording studio including a bari-sax. Training videos were filmed and the last men standing were Brett, Charles, Jason S., Matt, and Jason M.

Matt and Jason Rocking out

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